Saturday, December 19, 2009

Oh, Hey

Posted by Megan

I sort of feel like we've failed you. Maybe it's just me who's failed--Jenni sends everyone emails and is pretty on top of it, with her clever titles and always awesome ideas. But when we aren't published in the newspaper regularly, it's easy to get frustrated. Hopefully we'll have some stuff for you over the winter break and then a whole semester of wonderful articles for you to read this spring.

Anyway, I just thought I'd write and tell you that I've been thinking about boots. I like them.

And I have an article for you guys. Jenni and I wrote it forever ago and The Rotunda never got around to publishing it. Enjoy!

Chivalrous Chic: What to Wear on a Date
by Megan Flynn and Jenni Schweitzer

Here’s why you should dress up for class. You know that 9am lecture class you have with that cute guy who is scruffy and barely conscious? You could be having 9am coffee with [Formerly] Scruffy Guy, and all because you wore that cute mini-floral top from Forever 21. But how do you know what will make you drool-worthy? We’re here to help.

Know where you’re going, what you’re doing, and what time of day. You probably don’t want to wear a short black dress with heels to a fair or amusement park. High heels might make for a different kind of ‘merry’-go-round.

No matter where you’re going, you don’t want to dress too sexy. Think collarbones, not cleavage. We’re all about flaunting it if you’ve got it, but for goodness’ sake, try to wrap up your rack. Underwear should be worn under your clothing, and kept relatively well hidden. Bra straps, the top of your panties, just keep it under control. There’s something to be said for leaving a little to the imagination. Give hints, not answers.

Megan’s a big fan of dresses, but when it comes to dates, she sticks with what she knows—heels. All the dates she’s been going on lately have been with a guy who’s 6 feet 7 inches tall, so heels are pretty much essential to her wardrobe of clothes that fit her 5’4” frame. Dresses can be a little too formal when paired with heels, especially if you’re just going to the movies, but jeans and heels and a nice top can pretty much go anywhere.

Jenni has a 10:1 ratio of dresses to jeans, so her choice pick for a date outfit typically involves a dress. Recently, she saw “Where the Wild Things Are” and in homage to Audrey Hepburn, she wore a fitted sleeveless dress with a capelet, Victorian gloves, opaque tights, and purple ruffled T-straps. She also pinned a peacock feather into her hair. Maybe it was a little too fancy for Farmville, but she got another date.

Let’s talk LBDs. Know what we mean? It’s a popular abbreviation for a Little Black Dress. Not to be confused with a Little Bitty Dress. The only bitty about an LBD is the amount of dates who won’t call you back. Little black dresses came to vogue (not the magazine) in the 1920s by Coco Chanel and were intended to give women a versatile, timeless piece which quickly became synonymous with personal style. That was 90 years ago, and both Megan and Jenni have multiple little black dresses. We’re kind-of into them, to put it mildly. You can find them anywhere, from H&M to Goodwill to a Chanel store itself.

Obviously though, when you’re going on a date, you want your clothes to say something about you, so if you aren’t the little black dress or jeans and heels type, don’t force it. Like all good relationships, what makes you happy and comfortable is most important.