Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Style Polls II: Boys, Boys, Boys

As promised weeks ago, we’re finally incorporating men’s fashion into our column. We’ve gotten results from our men’s survey and are ready to share them along with our own opinions about several of GQ’s fall trends.

•Trench Coats: 66 percent of the 21 respondents were against this cool weather cover-up. We disagree. It’s possible that there was some confusion about what constitutes a “trench coat.” We’re pretty sure GQ didn’t mean floor-length black coats with chains and huge buckles. We favor shorter ones in lighter colors, like grey or khaki. Think James Dean, not Dracula.

•Patterned Sweaters: 52 percent of you guys don’t like these either. Once again, we’re thinking modern instead of hokey—as heartwarming and nostalgic as they may be, we aren’t talking about the reindeer patterned sweater your aunt knitted last Christmas. We like stripes or non-pastel argyle. Now who looks like a big boy?

•The Double-Breasted Suit: 52 percent weren’t fans of this look, either. You guys are hard to please! But honestly, we’re skeptical of this kind of suit as well. It’s a wide-cut suit, so it can be hard to wear. Honestly though, we don’t know that much about suits. Don’t tell anyone.

•Henley Tees: 61 percent don’t wear them. What?! We’re pretty sure these look nice on every guy. What if girls stopped wearing tank tops or perfume? There would be riots in the streets. Henleys are laid back, but still put together. Sexy. Start wearing them.

•Fatigue Jackets: 66 percent aren’t enthusiastic about them. We feel that the only reason you should be wearing something as militaristic as a fatigue jacket is if you’re actually in the military. And if you are, thank you.

•Plaid Dress Shirts: 71 percent of you like them. Finally—something we both like. They are like an Oxford on the weekend; the ideal business-casual. Maybe more casual than business, and that nerdy sort of fashion is what both of us are a little bit more than into.

•Dark shirt, dark tie, dark jacket: 52 percent don’t want to be so funereal. Jenni ‘unlikes’ this trend because she’s seen her fair share of unflattering choir outfits. In fact, whenever her friends wear something black and comment on it, she often adds in “Yes, like your soul.” Megan doesn’t hate it, because she has a secret affinity for dark clothing. It looks good on everyone, no matter their skin tone or eye or hair color. Black on black on black would be nice, but she’d like to see a man wear, say, a black shirt and with a dark grey tie and jacket.

So, these are the trends, this is how you responded, but the real question is this: does anyone actually dress like this at Longwood? We see plenty of fashionable fellas, but where are the plaid dress shirts, cool sweaters, and stylish jackets?
We hope this helps you next time you’re shopping for things to wear this season. And rest assured that from now on, we’re going to keep you guys in mind every week when we write for The Longwood Look.

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