Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Reboot Your Fall Fashion

The Longwood Look: Reboot Your Fall Fashion
Amy Jackson and Jenni Schweitzer

The past few weeks, almost every Longwood lady decided to bust out their boots as the temperature dipped below seventy degrees. It’s refreshing for us to see the shift in footwear away from flimsy flip-flops or scuffed up sneakers, and we thank you. You already know how we feel about notorious UGG boots, so let’s move on. Here are some of our favorites, and how to wear them.
-Everyday boots. These are the staple pieces of your fall shoe wardrobe. Yes, we have separate wardrobes for shoes, and we fully support your shoe habitat. We fondly call our favorite everyday boots ‘Link Boots’, a nickname befitting the hero of the Legend of Zelda saga. These are typically leather, suede, or canvas, and the toe comes to a rounded point. They also usually fold over at the top, which hits mid-calf on the leg. They look best with opaque tights or skinny jeans (which we wear constantly) and they keep us warm in our icy early walks around campus. Equestrian style boots are similar, but they come up a little higher on the leg and they’re usually leather in varying shades of brown or black. They are a little more polished because the material holds its shape and lies closer to the skin, so it suggests a more expensive-looking product; however, if you follow our shopping guidelines, you won’t have a problem finding a great price. The most popular everyday boot we’ve seen we call short slouchy boots. For once, we don’t mean ‘slouchy’ in the sweat pant way. These boots are usually embellished with buckles, patterns, or buttons to add interest to the regular shape of the shoe. We think these go the best with pants (other than the equestrian style) and they are the most simple to pair with casual looks. It’s also quite easy to find a unique pair that fits well with your personal style. For example Jenni has a brown leather pair that has one large buckle on the side, whereas Amy has a grey suede pair with three small straps and buckles. Even though structurally they are very similar, the effect is different. Look for ones that complement pieces that you already have in your winter wardrobe.

-Shake your booties. Booties are the short dressy heeled boots that can be either very professional or very flirtatious. This is determined not only by the boot, but how you wear it. Typically, black or brown booties can fit into both categories. It’s super easy to turn a daytime professional outfit into a thirsty Thursday outfit with these boots in ‘toe’. They have the perfect sexy to successful ratio and the combination makes for a powerful statement. If you want to feel a little fancier on a mundane school day you can pair them with dress slacks (unlike the other casual styles). We like to wear them with tights and a pencil skirt, or if you are brave you can match them with nude stockings and a dress.

-Quirky boots are best left to whatever occupation spawned them, like cowboys and Indians. There are situations in which they can be acceptable, but if you start to look legitimately like a hippie, Pocahontas, or a cowherd, you’ve gone too far. This is what people (we) mean when they say outfits are costumey, so make sure those boots are the statement piece of your look. Leave your Birkenstock-esque clogs at home, because you look like you skinned a potato and wore it on your feet. Yes, you can wear them to get the mail or walk the dog. Preferably before the sun comes up.
-Where to find these fabulous footsies? We love to shop, but our favorite boot Mecca is Rugged Wearhouse in Lynchburg, VA. They have bangin’ boots for few bucks, and they’re only forty-five minutes away. See you there!

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