Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Style Inspiration

She's not a model or a designer or anything. But she writes and she sings and her music changed me and still gives me goosebumps so much that I'm not ashamed to say that if I have daughters, one of them will be named Regina. And yes, that daughter will be named after Regina Spektor.

First of all, the girl's got great hair. She wears the cutest dresses. She's totally sexy but is almost always wearing stockings or boots or hidden behind a piano. And she wears red lipstick like nobody's business. I love her with makeup, I love her without it. And, despite having a career that involves playing the piano all the time, her nails always look great.

I find her to be so unusual but really classic at the same time, and I can't get enough! I think it's a big feat to be able to so effortlessly blur the lines between sexiness and cuteness. I just want to put on my best heels and meet her for tea.

Who's your style inspiration?
<3 Megan

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