Monday, March 14, 2011

Things we love

Posted by Jenni, Amy, Megan, Jared Dawdy, and Casey Walker

Since I'm abstaining from shopping lately, it's given me an opportunity to evaluate what makes my life better and happier on a smaller scale, so I thought it would be a good excuse to bother some of the best writers and chicest people in my life.

The original question: What helps you get through your everyday?


"5 hour energy, all the way. I think that because I don't eat meat and as a result don't get many B vitamins. It makes me feel really great for the rest of the day when I take one. And it's not so packed with caffeine that I can't also enjoy a cup of coffee or four.

It's a tie between that and my perfume (Pure Poison by Dior). Smelling it throughout the day is a mood-booster for me. Something about wearing (a sensible amount of) perfume and earrings seem to add instant lady-ness to even the most casual or hastily thrown together outfit."


"First of all, breakfast.

Second, I agree with Amy about perfume. I wear Princess by Vera Wang and it just makes me happy.

Also, you can't go wrong with a good ponytail or high bun.

My obsession with J.Crew heels has turned into a compulsion to own them, so I wear a pair of those every day to work. I've gotten to the point where I feel strange in flats.

Last but not least, nail polish. I like dark colors or a nude pink. OPI or Essie."


"Hmmm well first of all, coffee. I cannot and will not get through my day without that in the morning.

A good shower in the morning and using bath and body works shower gel is awesome; it smells woodsy and refreshing, I like it. My body spray or cologne is nice and makes me feel like I always smell good too, I suppose haha. Not a major big deal but it is certainly a plus to know I smell good.

In general looking good is important; for me, I can't roll into class with bed hair, in sweatpants I slept in, and no shower. I need that good shower and just in general looking together to even begin remotely "feeling" together."


"Well since Jared stole my main item (Bath and Body Works shower gel) I must say that I can't do anything without my sunglasses. Even if it's raining I'll instinctively put them on and then just look like a tool in class.

Without cable and less and less things to watch on Netflix, my guitars come in real handy every once in a while too (I enjoy looking at them)

In addition, I have a Phillips Sonicare toothbrush that just makes cleaning fun!

Hope this rare glimpse into my day to day helps."


Despite the above picture, I really love my hair. I apply TIGI Bedhead curl cream to it, blow-dry parts of it, pin it in many directions, then go. I also pretty much live for eyeliner; my all-time favorite is Maybelline Unstoppable Eyeliner in Onyx. I love Daisy by Marc Jacobs to spritz over my hair. My hair is pretty glam by now.

I completely deflate without diet soda. I drink at least one a day, sometimes at breakfast. I know.
I also love to read. Every night before I go to sleep.

Thank you, everyone! Look forward to more posts from our Special Correspondents Casey Walker and Jared Dawdy (Jared is a photographer! See his photos here:

Fashionably yours,
The Longwood Look

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