Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hey, Longwood Look!

What do we, like, actually wear?

We like this look because the dress is uber-spring, but the blazer is all business. We also keep the makeup quite pink, without too much dark eye makeup, and we love the heeled Oxfords - sexy without the plaid skirts and rulers.

Ryan McGuire (yes, a girl! Named Ryan!) rocks our skin-baring rule: Pick and choose. Since the dress is short and sleeveless, we gave her a long-sleeved cardigan, funky pop-art flats, and lots of textured necklaces. Amazing legs? Check.

Blogger behind both the Longwood Look and Freckled Italian ( Megan Flynn always looks adorable, but especially in her electric sweater/tights match. By keeping those colors solid, the detail on the bodice of her dress pops, and those caramel heels are a delicious complement. Good sunglasses are a must - instant celebrity, and fewer wrinkles later. What's not to love?

On-campus collaborator Amy Jackson uses neutrals to her advantage in this photo; the orange cat pairs well with her violet tights. We're kidding! She incorporates that mysterious sex appeal that comes in darker, more muted color palettes, and proves that casual shoes can make an outfit (and person) way more approachable.

This is an idea for spring at night - espadrilles, brighter lip color, longer earrings, and a messy updo. To achieve said messy updo, scrunch a curl cream into hair and let air-dry, then tie into a low pony or bun. Wrap hair around the tie to be a little more grown-up.

What's your favorite look? Did we miss one of your favorite outfit combinations? Let us know! We love to hear from you here, on Facebook, or at

Fashionably yours,
The Longwood Look

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