Sunday, February 7, 2010

Last Week's Articles

Sorry these are kind of late! Both of these written by Megan Flynn and Jenni Schweitzer.

Warm for the Wear

Guess what? It’s cold. There’s no reason for us to see you wearing a tank top in D-hall, because it’s just way too chilly for you to look anything but ridiculous doing it. Even out on the weekends, we see girls dressed up like they’re going clubbing in August. Showing off a lot of skin isn’t the only way to be sexy, and especially not during the winter. We’re tired of seeing people dress for the beach when the ocean is frozen. There are tons of cute ways to be warm without wearing a sleeping bag.

Let’s talk about layers. We’ll allow your tank top as long as it’s long and covered with some form of a sleeved shirt, and preferably paired with a scarf and a sweater or jacket. Pretend like you live in Virginia and it’s February. Perfect! Leggings or skinny jeans with boots, long shirts worn over longer shirts, cardigans, scarves, hats—so many of our favorite things are exclusively made for cold weather. Why not take advantage of them? It’ll make spring come much faster.

Try on some confidence and realize that there are other, classier ways to look sexy. We don’t know you, but we’re pretty sure you’ve got more to offer than just cleavage.

Big Girl Underpants

Have you ever seen a girl wearing a white tee with a black bra? That’s the sort of behavior we don’t condone. Trust us, with the sheer amount of clothing we have we completely understand laundry day, but we’ve managed several solutions to avoiding this ‘peek-a-boob’ problem.

To achieve your most beautiful silhouette, you need to start with a good foundation which includes bras that fit you well. If you want to go to a professional to be fitted, more power to you, but once you have this coveted information, use it responsibly. That ruffled-zebra-printed-zippers-for-straps contraption that you’re debating should probably be considered nocturnal. Your best bet is a bra which is close to your skin tone and has a limited amount of wiring, because it will make a smoother, more natural shape.

We don’t know much about shape wear, like Spanx, but we aren’t that convinced that you need it for everyday wear. Why buy something if you have to buy something else to wear it? It’s not worth it. Furthermore, imagine you’re on a date and in your desperation to look five ounces thinner, you wear something impossible to remove. This could pose a problem. However, if you’re an athlete and you rely on garments that keep you at your aerodynamic best, go for it. A slinky gown might also require shape wear, just for extra insurance. Obviously, it should be a naked color.

Perhaps the most frequently committed fashion sin is visible panty line, or when everyone knows that you’re wearing your cupcake-printed boy-shorts because your pants are so tight. If you’re so desperate for everyone to know how great your legs are, just don’t wear pants.

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