Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Weather and My Clothes are Frightful

Written by Megan Flynn

So these past two weekends have caused me to have something of an existential crisis. I turned into a person I never knew I was, would be, or even had the potential to be.

I became someone who thought that going out in leggings, a huge sweatshirt, and UGG boots was totally acceptable. Now, to give myself a break, I will say that the first time it happened there was at least a foot of snow on the ground and I was stuck six miles from my apartment in a dorm at Hampden-Sydney, but it’s still not really an excuse. I’ll also say that when I wasn’t wearing leggings and oversized gym wear, I was wearing a ball gown.

That’s right—that frightful snow storm that wasn’t exactly bad enough to cancel class (an issue in itself that had so many people just completely appalled) took place the weekend of Hampden-Sydney’s Black Tie Ball. I realize that this is a column in Longwood University’s newspaper, but I think the Black Tie Ball did affect a lot of Longwood students. Once again being totally unfair to the wonderful men who read these articles, plenty of girls who actually cared about their dates either planned to get snowed in for the weekend or braved the snowy roads from Longwood to Hampden-Sydney that Saturday night.

It warmed my heart to see girls dressed just as badly as I was at breakfast, (pigtails under hats, leggings or sweatpants tucked into big furry boots, and baggy but warm sweatshirts that came down to our knees) then clean up so nicely in dresses of every color for what I thought was a really fashionable affair. The guys didn’t look too bad in their tuxes, either.

Some photo cred to Brittany Cox.

I’d like to think that Jenni and I have something to do with people dressing well, but I’m pretty sure we don’t. (Is anyone reading this?) I’d also like to take this opportunity to tell you that I will no longer judge you if you’re wearing leggings instead of real pants, UGG boots or something like them, and a huge baggy sweatshirt instead of a jacket that has actual lines. Because I know that you’re cold, too. And sometimes being warm and comfortable, even if you’re looking kind of grungy in a dorm room for the weekend with people you love is more important than looking totally fierce, or whatever it is Tyra Banks says.

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