Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Property of a Name Brand

By Jenni Schweitzer

Let's play a game. The next time you're walking down Brock Commons, count the number of North Face jackets you see. Or the number of Sperry's. Or Vera Bradley bags. There will be a quiz.

Clearly, reputation precedes more than just people, and certain trends gain popularity for good reason. My mom has a North Face jacket from the 70's that is still in good condition, despite its many winters. I've heard Sperry's are durable, comfortable shoes, but I don't actually have a boat to go with them.

Pop quiz: How many times have you seen someone wearing any combination of the above and named a Greek organization, even if the person isn't wearing letters or other paraphernalia? I hear it frequently. "North Face? Check. Scarf? Check. Jeans in boots? Greek." You've probably heard not to judge books by their covers, and it seems fair to say you shouldn't judge chicks by their coats.
I have made no secret of my disdain for sycophantic gestures, especially when it comes to clothes. Knowing someone who spent ridiculous amounts of money to ensure they had an American Eagle polo in every color of the rainbow really turns you off to the brand name. If you love classic American style, you don't need to stamp an eagle over your nipple to spread the word. Try a blue dress with red shoes, or a blue sweater with a red tie. Don't you look patriotic!

As always, the most critical thing to consider with clothing (and life) is fit. Your clothes should fit your body comfortably, but they should also fit your personality with equal comfort. Deliberately dressing to conform to a group of people probably does not display your personal style taste as well as wearing what you want, whenever you want. Even if that means UGG boots.

Jenni Schweitzer makes her own fashion fun, and thinks you should, too.

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