Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Bobeau Effect

Posted by Jenni

I've recently discovered a new term for the merge of bohemian and downtown: Bobeau (pronounced "bo-bo"). The idea is to take something bohemian in origin and mix it with something urban, like a jewel-tone top with an organic woven detail at the neckline.
For me, this was something of a discovery; I had never been able to pin down a definitive term for my wardrobe, but bobeau hits it right on the spot. My clothes are whimsical, but I wouldn't classify myself as hippie-chic. The difference? The way I pair my clothes puts away the sixties vibe and any notion of 'costume'.
You might wonder how we think of these things at the Look, and the truth is that most of the time, we're just selective about what we purchase. Amy loves military-inspired clothes, so she often looks for something more delicate or feminine to balance them. Balance is a good word to keep in mind.

See how these earrings are bobeau? They're feathered, but they're attached to a rhinestone-studded sphere. When I wear these, I tie my hair back and I don't wear a necklace, but I do wear a funky graphic tee and a long sweater. They're an accent; they're meant to hint at a look, not scream one.

These fab shoes are another example of bobeau with their floral pattern and modern shape. They look awesome with a skirt and tights or skinny jeans, and they're even better if your pedicure chips. Both pieces at Forever 21 stores and

If you have a new style, don't hesitate to let us know right here, right now. Send us pics, too!

XOXO, Jenni

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