Tuesday, September 22, 2009

High Heels in School

Posted by Megan

I walked home from class today behind a beautiful, tall girl in the coolest looking boots ever. They came up just below her knees and had an intimidating tall and skinny heel. It was the sort of thing that I liked because I knew that I could never pull it off myself. Then we got in the elevator together and she rode it to the second floor. I smiled.

I have a lot of heels. Just looking into my closet now, I see ten pairs. I’ll probably only wear one or two of them this year, but I love them so much that I can’t leave them in my closet back home while I’m here at school. When I’m at home in Roanoke, I wear heels everywhere. I had an internship this summer and was in heaven with pencil skirts and dresses and trousers and a reason to wear heels every day. I’m 5’4”. My boyfriend stands at six feet, seven inches. I need all the help I can get.

But, for some reason, I’ve always had an issue wearing heels to class. Then again, it took me the better part of my freshman year of college to realize that I was allowed to wear flip flops to class. I still can’t wear a tank top to class. Having a uniform for 12 years in Catholic school really got to me, I guess. I like having some guidelines.

So, anyway, here are the rules I came up with for wearing high heels to school:
• Pair heels with jeans and simple tops, like a plain T-Shirt or a button-up.
• Don’t be afraid to wear colorful shoes. Ever. Just keep the rest of your outfit pretty neutral.
• If you ever wore the shoes to prom, don’t wear them to class. Actually, don’t wear anything you wore to prom to class.
• You can definitely wear heels with a dress or skirt, just make sure it’s not too short or you might end up looking a little contemptible.

If you already wear heels to class, good for you. You’re braver than I am. If you don’t yet, stick with me—I believe that we can do this together.

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  1. "If you ever wore the shoes to prom, don’t wear them to class. Actually, don’t wear anything you wore to prom to class."

    Does this actually happen, at Longwood? Pretty scary...at William and Mary we're more likely to wear to class whatever we wore during our all-nighter at the library.

    I exaggerate...kinda