Thursday, September 10, 2009

Football Fashion

Hey everyone! Our first article was supposed to come out in The Rotunda yesterday, and it sort of did, it just wasn't in the actual newspaper. But, if you want to read the article and leave a comment on The Rotunda's website, please go here and do so:

We celebrated Megan's 21st birthday this past weekend by tailgating at the first Hampden-Sydney football game of the season. HSC games are really fun, but very different from, say, any other college football game you'd ever go to. The Hampden-Sydney boys get all dressed up, from khakis and a polo shirt to seersucker pants and a preppy blazer. Girls show up decked out in sundresses and pearls, and sometimes even big sunhats.

How do you feel about this southern tradition? Some people feel that it's too much, but a lot of Longwood University girls (Megan included) can't seem to get enough of it. Is a football game any place for a bowtie? Let us know.

Fashionably yours,
Megan and Jenni

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