Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Style Polls: Women

For the past two weeks we’ve been polling the students of Longwood University on fall trends. For the ladies, we picked a few from Glamour Magazine’s website, and for the trends for men, we turned to the ever trusty GQ. This week we’ll take a look at the women’s trends.

• Big, bold necklaces: 80% of the 25 respondents approve. We’re a fan of large statement pieces, as long as they’re paired with an outfit that’s not too ostentatious in itself. Try not to wear necklaces with embellished tops, whether it has beading or sequins. That’s a little too showgirl, even for Farm Vegas.

• Plaid: 76% are for it. Glamour Magazine says that “Western” styles of plaid are in this season. Jenni is always reminded of Scotch tape whenever she sees plaid and actually disagrees with Glamour on this highly controversial issue. She is more open to subtler forms of plaid, such as Glen plaid (a popular fabric used for women’s trousers). Megan wants to agree with Jenni, but she’s still a little nostalgic about the pattern. Just stay away from plaid skirts unless you’re going to get demerits for not having one.

• Velvet dresses: 79.2% of you said no, and thank God. Glamour says to keep it short and we say yes, but should you really have to cut off half of your dress so it’s not too heavy to wear? If you can pull it off, we’ll give you a high-five.

• All-black: 56% said yes. We think it’s chic, but pretty hard to pull off. Both of us own a lot of black clothes, and you can’t knock the little black dress. If you’re going to do all black though, make sure everything fits really well, or you might end up looking like a nun. And then you’re going to have to find a cute little ruler.

• Full, knee-length skirts: 52% are in favor of this wholesome look. We are too, as long as you pair them with the right shoes. Espadrilles or heels are usually necessary with such a full skirt.

• 80’s: 76% said no to the decade-inspired look. Megan totally agrees, but Jenni likes to cause trouble. Obviously she believes that 80’s hair was forever and always a Bad Look, but there are good elements to the 80’s. The key to any retro look is mixing modern looks with retro accents – i.e. bright tights under a modern silhouette.

• Copper eye shadow: 68% like it. We like it too, since it’s a fun version of a neutral color. Copper is like brown’s older, sexier sister. It looks especially pretty on green or blue eyes, but everyone should give it a try. It’s perfect for fall!

• Barely-there makeup: A whopping 96% of girls polled were in favor of this look, but let’s be honest—who’s willing to get up in the morning, slap some moisturizer and mascara on and walk out the door? Obviously a lot of you. We could maybe pull it off, but we like makeup too much. To the rest of you, congratulations, you’re naturally hot.

• Bright red lips: 56% like this. The argument against it is that it’s really hard to pull off, but we’re pretty sure Marilyn Monroe knew what she was doing. Believe it or not, there’s a shade of red for everyone. If you’re fair, find a good coral shade. Medium skin tones benefit the most from a cranberry-pink. And if your skin is dark, stay away from the brighter shades stick with a deep saturated red, like burgundy.

• Really straight hair: 72% dig it. It’s a neat look, and we like it too. If your hair isn’t naturally straight, though, sometimes it’s a pain in the butt. Megan and her friends iron each other’s on the floor with a clothes iron. It works beautifully. Don’t burn yourself. And pick friends you trust.

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