Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Posted by Jenni

Here at the Longwood Look (read: Megan’s bedroom) we’ve been polling various trends in those surveys that we post on every available social networking site. It’s fun, easy, and we get to hate on people who hate on our favorite trends.Basically, after lots of complaining and ice cream I found myself thinking about what separates a trend from a style.

Wikipedia redirects the term “Fashion trends” to the Bandwagon Effect and other such ugly words like “herd mentality”. Personally, I’m not convinced that trends are ultimately a good thing. Redirect to 1983, or the more modern “totes legit”. Truly, trends can be tacky, expensive, and unnervingly popular. It’s far more irritating, though, when someone tries to impose trends on you. One of my best friends once called me up to say, “Hey, do you like baby pink hair clips?” No, thank you. It was like being fixed up with some questionable guy. It was essentially re-gifting, another unfortunately popular trend.

That said, there are some trends that are fantastic and stick around. I’m pretty sure Jesus wore gladiator sandals, for example. Coco Chanel made black dresses, and let’s not forget about Converse Chucks.

My current trend want? A strapless jumpsuit from American Apparel. It’s $48 of short-lived chic.

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