Monday, September 13, 2010

One-Piece Wonder

The Longwood Look: One-Piece Wonder
By Amy Jackson and Jenni Schweitzer

Imagine that you just woke up for class, and you have a total of fifteen minutes to grab a cup of coffee, get dressed, and get there. What’s the obvious solution on these 90 degree rushed days? A one-piece wonder, of course. You only have to pick out one item (practically), and you’re out the door. We’re all in favor of this, until it comes to the one-size-fits-all dress. You know this dress; it looks like three separate pieces, but it’s actually one dress. The fabric on the top is a different shade or print than the skirt. You probably have this dress, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but when it comes to loading your closet with handy onesies, use discretion. Here are some tips for purchasing dresses and the like that both fit your body and personality.


-The Separates Dress. This combined top-skirt-belt dress’ fit hits anywhere from directly beneath the boobs to the top of the hip, and everywhere in between. The idea is to create a fifties-style silhouette by accenting the waist and flaring away from the hip. Sounds good, right? Don’t be fooled. It is rare for anyone to exactly match this specific ratio, so make sure this tricky dress fits you in all the right places. If you really want that classic shape, you can avoid this issue by wearing a high-waist skirt and shirt, because then you get to choose how the clothing frames your figure. For a quick getaway dress, we like light fabrics in fun prints or shirtdresses, and definitely a belt. As a general rule, avoid dresses with built-in belts, and find a wide black belt of your own. For more inspiration, check out The Uniform Project,

Image: Philip Lim

-Rompers. We like them, and here’s why. They’re intriguing, they’re cute without being too sweet, and they can work for almost anyone. It shows that you’ve got guts. Fashion guts. The allure of wearing a romper is that it is a bold choice, but it’s also super-easy, comfy, and chic. They emphasize the waist and create a teense more volume on the top, which keeps you cooler and camouflages anything you may want to conceal. We promise that you’ll feel much more confident in your skin and it’ll keep you cool on some of these scorching school days. When picking a romper it’s crucial that it is a comfortable length – there is great wedgie potential. Amy and Jenni both rock rompers with mini-floral patterns. Amy’s romper has adjustable straps, which is a huge plus because the fabric stays closer to the body. Jenni’s romper is pretty short, so she is sure to wear it with some opaque tights. Another attractive feature of the romper is that it is easy to pair with accessories, like a cardigan or a belt. Try a department store, and keep your eyes peeled. They’re very popular, even if mini-florals aren’t your thing.


A few extra suggestions: look for items that will transition easily from spring to summer to fall with a few basic accessories, like tights. Tights tights tights. Try to follow our ‘Shorts’ rule when trying out rompers: they shouldn’t cling too closely to your legs or warrant your arrest. When you wear a romper, keep your footwear on the simpler side: some sandals with intricate twists will do nicely, and we always love a ballet flat. After all, when you wear a statement piece, you don’t want any part of your overall look to compete. Heels? Too much. Just a reminder – when you go shopping, try things on. Seriously. And don’t bring anyone you don’t trust.

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