Thursday, September 2, 2010

School Year Dress-Solutions

By Amy Jackson and Jenni Schweitzer

Guess what? It’s time for school. Hopefully you’ve kept up with our blog over the summer and found interesting additions to your wardrobe. The first weeks of class offer a widely varied assortment of style philosophies, ranging from Daytona Beach classics (daisy dukes, bikinis on top) to the pajama section of Kohl’s. It is crucial to have an awareness of the persona you present with these choices, because your professors have you write your recommendations. You’re lucky it’s not us.
-Pajama People: you know that we know who you are, because we’ve called you out before. If you have to run to class straight from bed, try to choose pajama pants that are less flamboyant. We like black wide-leg yoga-esque pants in a knit cotton. They’re super comfy and flattering, and if you have no time, you won’t look as much like a walking comic strip.

Image: Sew Modest Clothing
-Who wears short-shorts? You do. But why? Especially when it’s difficult to decipher if someone is actually wearing any pants, booty shorts make you look shorter and less lean. Also, in our experience, they’re pretty uncomfortable. Wearing shorts is an art, and we are here to help you color in the lines. All of you. Capiche? Okay, so stay away from denim in general. You’ve heard of jorts, right? They are unflattering on almost everyone. You know when you sit down and they give you thigh burn? They’re cutting you down! Jenni has a pair of non-denim shorts that are wide-leg and pinstriped, and they’re much more comfortable than any jorts.

-A Balancing Act: you know those birds that tip over because they’re top-heavy? You don’t want your outfit to be like that bird. If you are wearing a tiny tank top and itsy bitsy jorts (groan) chances are you’re falling out in more areas than one. Pick one area of skin to show, like your fabulous legs or your shoulders. But not both. Yes, Vogue magazine states cleavage is on an upswing, but keep it PG13. This is an easy fix – just throw on a cardigan or some dark wash jeans. Pair barely-there tops with well-fitted jeans and maybe a scarf. If you absolutely must wear minis, make sure they aren’t frayed light denim. For functional fashion, Amy wears cargo dark gray skinny jeans and a flowy romantic top. This prevented her from having to roll up her jeans on the bike ride to Sunchase to write this article.

Image: Plueys Manila
-Footwear: these boots are made for walking. To class. Speaking of boots, huge cowboy boots should be reserved for autumn and be paired with pants. The trend we have noticed ‘round these parts of wearing short summery dresses with large boots don’t apply to the Balancing Act. The line of your lovely legs that you create with the dress is being curtailed by heavy leather. Leather itself is a dense, weighty material, so if you pair it with something delicate (like a sundress) it ruins the lightness of the overall look. Opt for gladiator sandals, flats, or booties (ankle high boots).

-Things That Help: opaque black tights. If you like the shorts trend, but you feel a little exposed by them, try them with your tights. You’ll feel much better, we promise. If you find that you freeze when you walk into any building on campus, a repertoire of light cardigans can help you cover those barely there camisoles. A light V-neck tee in a few colors is always a great alternative, even if you wear pajamas.
Remember that it is important to keep it cool while you’re in class. It’s not about being conservative – look at your current wardrobe and imagine asking yourself to write a recommendation letter. First impressions really do matter. The goal is to use your clothing as a means to express your personality, not your anatomy. Be quirky, create interest, but maintain a level of professionalism.

Amy Jackson and Jenni Schweitzer are crusading for a fashionable fall here and in The Rotunda.

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