Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rainy Day Hair

It's been very chilly and raining non-stop for the past few days here in Roanoke, and it made me start thinking about that fall fashion that I love so much. Leggings, boots, sweaters, hats--scarves!!!!! I get ridiculously excited about being able to wear these items of clothing again and I think I start to bother everyone around me with my enthusiasm.

The only problem with all this rain is my hair.

When I was back at Longwood, I just wrapped a scarf around my head or threw on a knitted cap--it was so simple to go to class and look cute, even in the rain. But now I have to go to work every day, and I feel like hats are sort of awkward in the office.

So, what's my new head hero? A braid, pulled over to the side. It looks good no matter how my hair is acting, and even when my bangs peek out the side or my layers start falling out of the braid in the back, I can just pin them back and continue with my day! I actually think that the messier it gets, the better it looks.

What's your go-to rainy day hairstyle? What about for you short-haired ladies?

Happy puddle jumping!
<3 Megan

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