Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Stating the Obvious - You're Chic

The Longwood Look: Stating the Obvious – You’re Chic
By Amy Jackson and Jenni Schweitzer

Clothing falls into a few main categories; staple pieces, statement pieces, etc. Staple pieces and statement pieces can work together beautifully to create a visually interesting, yet polished look. Here’s the breakdown on how they can work together in perfect fashion harmony.

-Staples: not the office supply store. This term refers to the meat and potatoes of your wardrobe. And by that we mean the t-shirts, the jeans, the sweaters, and the opaque black tights. Alone these items seem pretty casual, comfortable, and safe. In this case the word “safe” implies a lack of risk, not a lack of physical safety. It could, if your staples include 9-inch heels. These tried-and-true classics can either serve as a foundation for your outfit, or you can tailor the use of them around a statement piece.

-Statements: they’re not written, but they’re worth a thousand words. These are the thrilling items that sit at the back of your closet until a day you feel extra daring. And when that day comes we’ll be waiting to photograph you for the Longwood Look blog. We love to see you look awesome. You may be wondering, “What exactly are they talking about?” In definitive terms a statement piece is something that is unusual and eye-catching. This could be a result of the structure of the garment, the fabric, the color, or it could become a statement piece through juxtaposition. We mean those crazy high heels with huge flowers on them, that gigantic necklace, or a feminine colored fabric cut into a masculine silhouette. To make these seem feasible (and not so Moulin Rouge), pair them with the staples.

Generally, you should wear only one statement piece at a time, unless it’s Halloween, or you are Lady Gaga. But by all means, draw inspiration from her, just match that inspiration with staples. For example, one of Jenni’s favorite pieces is part-tutu, which she tones down with opaque tights and simpler jewelry. It’s fun and slightly unorthodox, and it is whimsical because it’s familiar yet out-of-place. Most importantly, it is the focus of the overall look. If you don’t have anything, don’t worry, and start small. Maybe trying a top with zippers for seams or a wild necklace on a Saturday night can up your confidence to the point where you can wear the infamous bubble dress. Why not?

-On the flip side, when all you wear are everyday staples, things can be a little boring. Accessories to the rescue! There are so many ways that they can accentuate your personality without overwhelming it. We’re talking about everything from headbands to scarves to bags and onward. Amy likes to wear a feathered headband, or occasionally a vintage scarf to jazz up a plain tee or a tame sweater. Think about the kinds of things you are attracted to and include them in your collection of accessories. If you are a fan of animal prints, for example, use them sparingly. Accessories are the perfect dose of your wilder side.
We strongly encourage all of you beautiful people to take fashion risks, and don’t fear any statement piece. It’s heartbreaking to hear someone say “I like that, but I could never pull it off.” You can pull it off! Don’t be afraid to try it, and also don’t hesitate to ask a friend for help. Or ask us! We’re here for you. Promise.


  1. I love those shoes!!!

    I agree, I think any one can pull any thing off...its called confidence.

    Great post ladies :)

  2. You guys sound so good! I miss you both.